Learn It. Live It. Luv It.

With the right attitude, learning can be challenging, fun, and inspiring.


We’ve all be there, forced to read some book we’d never choose to read in a million years. And then, something happens. We start reading. And before we know it, we’re half-way through and devouring every page. Other times, a teacher does something cool, like plays a song that ties into a history lesson for the day or blows something up in chemistry class, and that’s when it usually happens – we fall in love with learning.

Here, at Luv Braces, we believe that learning is not only powerful, but instrumental in helping children discover their dreams, then making those dreams become reality. That’s why we support local schools and education initiatives in our community; to help foster this love of learning that inspired each of us, your doctors, to follow our dreams.

For Dr. Tahbaz, learning has always been close to his heart. From an early age, Dr. Tahbaz’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and the knowledge that through hard work and dedication anything is possible. With the knowledge he could achieve anything, he followed his passion right into dental school at the University of the Pacific Dental School. Owing it all to his parents and their belief that knowledge and hard work can make dreams come true.

“Orthodontics is more than just a science, it’s an art,” says Dr. Rezapour, who graduated with honors in 2009 from the University of Nevada Dental School. Dr. Mona loved learning so much, she did a one-year residency at UCLA’s dental program which allowed her to continue her training treating some of the most difficult dental cases. After her year at UCLA, she went on to learn even more and followed her dream to become an orthodontist by attending Roseman University’s orthodontic residency program.

Dr. Matt began his dental education in Florida at Nova Southeastern University.   From there he moved to Texas to attend an advanced dental residency at the VA Medical Center in San Antonio.  Dr. Matt and his wife Sarah fell in love with Central Texas. He stayed there working as a general dentist in Round Rock and Georgetown for 4 years in a private practice and volunteered at a public health clinic where he primarily treated underserved children. Teaching children became his passion and Dr. Matt choose to undergo further training to become a specialist in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Matt, loves to learn, even if what he’s learning about are the cartoons his patients like to watch on Saturday mornings!

So embrace learning, because you never know what it will inspire you to become in the future.

Stay tuned to find out how we’re getting involved at local schools to help kids fall in love with learning like we did.


All Our Luv,

Dr. Mona, Dr. Tahbaz and Dr. Matt