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Austin: (512) 351-8362

Bee Cave: (512) 900-2017

Recognizing And Treating Your Child’s Orthodontic Issues

As parents, we love to see our children smile. Even small imperfections are endearing, but what if those defects cause your child to be uncomfortable or self-conscious? Here at Luv Braces, we often hear from patients who are asking the same question about recognizing and treating their child’s orthodontic issues.  The answer to this will … Continued

Phase I & Phase II Treatment

As a parent, you want the best of everything for your child. That includes a beautiful, healthy smile! Here at Luv Braces, we have several treatment options to help children achieve straighter teeth and improved oral health. One such option is something we call two-phase treatment, which begins before all the permanent teeth have erupted, … Continued

The Truth About Invisalign

Traditional braces have gone through quite a makeover in recent years, making them more attractive, comfortable, and efficient than ever before. Yet even with such notable improvements, many teen and adult patients are still on the fence about using them. Fortunately, there is a wide range of treatment options available to patients these days, including … Continued

How To Protect Your Braces When You Play Sports

If you enjoy playing sports for your school or community, the idea of having braces put on may have you wondering what that means for your athletic endeavors. Fortunately, undergoing orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to mean missing out on all the action!  Here at Luv Braces, we treat quite a few athletes, many of whom … Continued

Join Us to Spread Luv!

Luv Braces proudly supports the Austin Anti-Defamation League throughout the years. The doctors’ passion for this cause spurred them to create their long-term bullying prevention initiative, Luv Not Hate. Luv Not Hate serves as the practice’s avenue to educate and empower patients as well as the community to stand up against bullying. Luv Braces continues … Continued

Am I Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?

If you tend to associate orthodontics with teens in braces, you’re not alone! This stereotype has had some serious staying power over the years, leading many to wonder, “am I too old for orthodontic treatment?” While adolescence is a common time to begin treatment, the truth is that more adults than ever are looking to … Continued

How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Your Smile

When someone meets you for the first time, your smile is one of the first things they’re likely to notice. It’s also the feature they’ll be able to recall most easily when thinking about you later. It may seem strange that something so small can have such a big impact, but numerous studies have shown … Continued

3 Questions To Ask When Choosing An Orthodontist

Like any major decision, there are a lot of important factors to consider before taking the leap into orthodontic treatment. The internet gives you a lot of information to go on, maybe too much, so it’s normal to find yourself feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar terms and phrases. If you’re exploring orthodontics as … Continued

Why Your Child Should See An Orthodontist By Age 7

We may be in a bit of a scheduling lull right now due to the closures and orders associated with COVID-19, but in general, families these days are busier than ever. If you’re a parent, chances are good that you usually have a dozen alerts set on your phone to remind you of everything you … Continued

Your First Orthodontic Visit

Welcome to Luv Braces! Choosing to improve your smile with orthodontic treatment is a big decision, and we’re excited to help you take the first step by scheduling your initial consultation. If you’re not familiar with orthodontics, you may not be sure what to expect from the treatment process. That can make this exciting time … Continued