What Are Lingual Braces?

Thanks to the many advancements in orthodontics over the years, there are more braces and smiling aligning options than ever to fit your lifestyle. You may have heard of lingual braces, a comfortable modern appliance known for its aesthetic appeal. This incredible option is perfect for those looking to work on straightening their smile without the apparent appearance of other choices. Read on to learn more about how they work, the treatment process you can expect at Luv Braces, and how they can fit into your budget!


What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are a customized treatment attached to the inner surface of your teeth using the latest orthodontic technology and ensuring a perfect fit for your teeth. Luv Braces specifically offers InBrace Hidden Braces to our patients. InBrace is a popular aesthetic option for adults looking to improve their smile without the flashy appearance of traditional braces. 

With this subtle yet effective treatment, you can expect fewer follow-up appointments and a much simpler time dealing with your appliance daily. Dr. Rezapour and Dr. Tahbaz use this advanced technology to personalize your treatment to your smile goals and make your experience as comfortable as possible. InBrace does the same work as metal braces without the same conspicuous appearance.

How Are They Different From Traditional Braces

Placement: Traditional metal braces are placed on the front of your teeth, making your appliance visible to everyone, while lingual braces live on the inner surface, allowing for a much more aesthetically pleasing smile you can confidently show off in public throughout treatment.

Maintenance: Because lingual braces use a thin wire and not multiple brackets across your teeth, you can expect a much easier time when brushing and flossing your teeth—no need for more in-depth hygiene practices to eliminate all bacteria and leftover food particles.

Speech Impact: Because of traditional braces’ placement, it takes time for your mouth to adjust to the altered position of your lips and cheeks, impacting how you speak. With lingual braces, your voice will sound no different while wearing the SmartWire. 


The InBrace Treatment Process

Scanning Your Mouth

The first step in beginning InBrace treatment is scanning the inside of your mouth. This way, Dr. Rezapour and Dr. Tahbaz can use this digital impression to create your customized treatment plan and understand exactly what work needs to be done and where your SmartWire will need to be placed.

Designing Your Appliance

With this information, our team is able to design the shape of your SmartWire, a shape-memory alloy wire. Luv Braces takes the time to ensure perfect positioning so your teeth can start shifting in the right direction. 

Placing The InBrace Wire

The Smartwire placed on the back of your teeth is programmed to slowly move them into place using advanced computer modeling and Gentleforce technology. It will begin shifting your teeth as soon as it is placed, using light, continuous force.

What To Expect During Treatment

After the wire is on your teeth, you can expect treatment to take between 8 to 18 months, considerably less than other average treatment times. Minimal adjustments are typically needed, but coming in for your scheduled follow-ups is essential so we can ensure your plan stays on track. During this time, you can also eat regular meals and clean your teeth as usual, allowing for a simple transition into treatment. 


What Are Lingual Braces?

Advantages of InBrace Treatment

No One Will Know You Are Wearing Them!

A popular aesthetic option, InBrace is perfect for patients looking to undergo orthodontic treatment without the flashy appearance of traditional metal braces. Its discreet profile allows you to adjust to your routine as your smile improves without all the extra parts other appliances require to function. Enjoy the simplicity of InBrace while still working toward a new smile!

A Trusted Innovative Option

You are getting the latest orthodontic treatment when choosing InBrace lingual braces. This powerful technology is undoubtedly popular for its aesthetics, but it is also about making your experience as efficient and comfortable as possible, something we prioritize throughout your time with Luv Braces. We are dedicated to providing our patients with state-of-the-art care that aligns with their unique needs and goals.

A Comfortable Orthodontic Experience

Placing your InBrace SmartWire is painless and something you can barely feel once it is on. Because of its placement on the inner side of your teeth, you will not have to worry about friction-induced irritation or sores forming on your cheeks and lips. Its self-ligating technology also necessitates fewer adjustments, which is usually cause for discomfort in regular braces. 

No Food Restrictions

You can eat as you normally would without damaging your appliance or teeth—no need to leave behind your favorite potato chips or crunchy fruit in the cupboard! You don’t have to worry about stains left behind from meals. The SmartWire also allows for easier oral hygiene after meals, as nothing will get stuck under the wire. You can freely brush and floss as if wire isn’t there without additional tools like floss threaders.


The Financials of Lingual Braces

You can expect average InBrace costs to be between $6,000 to $12,000 without insurance. The price of your specific treatment will vary depending on your current oral health, the work that needs to be done, and your age.

Luv Braces accepts most insurance plans and offers flexible payment plans to make financing your treatment as simple as possible. During your free orthodontic exam, our team will happily walk you through the details and answer any questions you may have. We promise to do what we can to keep things affordable.


What Are Lingual Braces?

Begin Your Lingual Braces Journey!

Lingual braces are an incredible smile alignment tool! Dr. Rezapour, Dr. Tahbaz, and our team are proud to provide our expert orthodontic services to Austin, Bee Cave, and the surrounding communities. Please contact either of our offices if you have any questions about InBrace Hidden Braces or what we can do for your smile. We can’t wait to meet you!