How Do Braces Work?

The first step of your braces journey is a big one, but the lifetime results our patients enjoy are worth the time. Luv Braces’ married orthodontists, Dr. Rezapour and Dr. Tahbaz, treat every patient like family and provide top-notch care during your smile journey. Read on to delve into the basics of braces, the many treatment options we offer, and how braces work to realign your teeth over time!


A Closer Look At Braces

You undoubtedly know friends or family who have worn braces over the years, but what exactly are they, and what do they do? Braces are advanced orthodontic appliances placed directly on the teeth to correct and align the teeth and jaw. They combine pressure and specialized components so our team can help you achieve the beautiful smile you are after. 

While braces provide the obvious aesthetic benefits of straight teeth, they also offer many general health advantages. From a renewed sense of self-esteem and improved sleep patterns to a more effortless chewing experience, straightening your teeth has positively affected your general health. 

Which Dental Issues Are Solved

Known for solving even the most complex orthodontic cases, our team can use braces to take on any problem you approach us with. They treat issues such as crowded or gapped teeth, overbite, crossbite, and malocclusion. The earlier you are diagnosed, the more straightforward treatment can be. However, no matter the problem you are facing, treatment can be customized to meet your particular needs. 


Braces Treatment Offered at Luv Braces

Clear Braces

Clear braces are made of tooth-colored brackets and ceramic without the flashy appearance of metal braces. They blend in with your teeth and are stain-resistant, allowing you to continue drinking dark liquids like coffee, tea, and wine without issue. Many older teen and adult patients opt for this appliance to feel comfortable beginning treatment without harming their confidence.

InBrace Hidden Braces

Rather than placement on the front of your teeth, InBrace Hidden braces offer an aesthetic option placed on the back of your teeth to provide effective treatment with a discreet look. Also known as lingual braces, this custom-made treatment is possible with the help of digital impressions made by our iTero Element scanner. They comfortably lay on your teeth while applying the gentle pressure used to realign them.

Metal Braces

A recognizable symbol of orthodontics, metal braces are known for their dependable and successful results thanks to advancing technology. No longer the bulky and uncomfortable appliances it was, these are as sleek and light as they come. They can fix any dental issue and remain a popular appliance among our patients. 


The Magic Behind Realigning Your Teeth

Dr. Rezapour and Dr. Tahbaz will gladly give your teeth an initial examination when you schedule a free consultation at Luv Braces. Once they understand your dental needs and the work you need to be accomplished, they can begin treatment. 

Braces place continuous slight pressure on your teeth controlled by the brackets placed on them and the archwire threaded through. Minor adjustments may be made during your subsequent check-in appointments so our team can determine where to shift pressure if necessary. 

Though treatment may span up to three years, you have a new smile and bolstered self-esteem to look forward to!


How Do Braces Work?

Braces Deconstructed: Each Part and Their Functions


The archwire takes credit for the pressure placed during alignment work, using the brackets they are threaded through to place even, delicate force across your mouth. Over time, it is adjusted to become sturdier. 


Used to attach brackets to the front of your teeth, this adhesive provides a strong foundation for your braces. While you can’t easily loosen the brackets yourself, the glue is designed to be removable using the correct tools so we can comfortably remove your brackets at the end of treatment.


These pieces are sometimes used to apply additional pressure to a specific area of your teeth if they need a push in the right direction. They attach to the small hook on your brackets and are made in many different sizes and strengths for each case.


Providing an anchor point for many other parts, brackets are square attachments made of either metal or ceramic that apply gentle, continuous pressure on your teeth to help them shift over time. 


Attached to your back molars, bands are used as an anchor for the archwire to keep it from shifting or moving out of place during treatment. This metal piece is custom-made to fit over your teeth as comfortably as possible. While bands are not always necessary, Dr. Rezapour and Dr. Tahbaz may find your specific case could benefit from the extra part.


As a vital part of your post-treatment routine, retainers are used to keep all your hard work in place and stop your teeth from reverting to their misaligned positions. When your braces are removed, our orthodontists will review the steps to correctly use them, ensuring you maintain your beautiful smile for many years.

Imaging Technology


A staple in braces treatment, x-rays help our team create your unique treatment plan by examining where your impact teeth are, your jaw bone structure, and the roots of your teeth. They can help us keep track of your alignment progress as well.


iTero Element Scanner

The iTero Element Scanner is a state-of-the-art laser scanner that allows us to see an advanced view of your teeth and gums, eliminating the need for goopy impressions. We can use the information it gives us to determine the placement of your braces and ensure pressure is placed in the correct areas to achieve your beautiful smile.


How Do Braces Work?

Your Next Steps In The Braces Journey

Now that you know the fundamentals of braces, are you interested in straightening out your teeth or learning more about the incredible things braces can do? Look no further and call our Austin or Bee Cave offices for a free consultation and to learn more about what Luv Braces can do for your smile journey. If you have any more questions or concerns about what treatment may look like, our front desk will happily help you out.