Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

We’re your child’s biggest cheerleaders at Luv Braces in Austin and Bee Cave. Dr. Tahbaz and Dr. Rezapour are ready to coach them toward a winning smile! This is the magic of two-phase treatment, a dynamic duo of techniques that sets the stage for a lifetime of radiant grins. So, lace up your sneakers as our team takes you on a courtside tour of this innovative approach.

First Half: Setting the Pace

Orthodontic treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It’s a customized game plan designed to fit each player perfectly. The two-phase treatment combines tooth straightening and physical and facial changes, all while harnessing the power of your child’s growth.

The first half begins when your child still has most of their primary or “baby” teeth. We use our orthodontic playbook (fixed or removable appliances) to align their jaw. Next quarter, we’ll correct harmful oral habits. Before the buzzer, we’ll guide incoming permanent teeth into a more favorable position. 

After the first half, there’s a halftime break where the remaining permanent teeth enter. During this time, retainers may be used to maintain the improvements made in the first half.

Second Half: Scoring the Goal

The second half begins once most permanent teeth have taken their place. This half aligns the teeth to ensure they work together effectively for optimal function and aesthetics.

The goal of this two-part strategy is not just to straighten the teeth but also to create harmony between the way the jaws fit together and the facial profile. It’s a comprehensive approach that often yields superior results, especially when started at an early age.


At Luv Braces, we want to share the benefits of two-phase treatment and how it can help transform your child's smile.

Post-Game Analysis: The Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

The two-phase treatment approach offers several unique benefits that can significantly affect the game’s outcome. Here are some of the key advantages:

Scoring Aesthetic Three-Pointers 

By guiding jaw development during the first half, we can create a better environment for the permanent teeth. This can lead to a more balanced facial appearance and a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips, and face.

Preventing Future Dental Fouls

Early intervention can prevent future dental issues. For instance, it can reduce the risk of impacted permanent teeth, correct harmful oral habits, and even prevent trauma to protruding front teeth. 

Dodging the Surgical Timeout

Early treatment can correct jaw growth issues that might otherwise require surgical intervention. By guiding the growth of the jaw in the first half, we can often achieve results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have finished growing.

Quicker to the Finish Line

The second half of treatment is typically shorter than traditional orthodontic treatment. This reason is that the first half has already done much of the work in aligning the jaw and guiding the permanent teeth into a more favorable position.

The Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence Two-Point Shot

Children, who undergo two-phase treatment, often experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence. Seeing their smile improve during the first half can be a powerful motivator. It can make them more cooperative during the second half of treatment.

Less Need for Tooth Extraction Penalties 

By creating more space in the mouth during the first half, there is often less need for tooth extractions when the permanent teeth arrive.


Overtime: Two-Phase vs. Single-Phase Treatment

While two-phase treatment offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to understand how it compares to single-phase Treatment, the more traditional orthodontics approach.

Single-phase treatment typically begins once most or all permanent teeth erupt, usually around the age of 11-13. This treatment involves placing braces or other appliances to align the teeth and correct the bite. It’s a straightforward approach that can effectively treat many orthodontic issues. You can’t have too many players on the field at once!

However, there are several reasons why orthodontists recommend two-phase treatment over single-phase treatment for some instances:

Two-phase treatment allows for early intervention to guide jaw growth and tooth eruption. This treatment can be particularly beneficial for children with significant orthodontic issues, as it can prevent them from becoming more severe.

We can often achieve better results by addressing orthodontic issues in two halves than with single-phase Treatment. The first half allows us to create a solid foundation for the permanent teeth, while the second half fine-tunes the alignment and bite.

As mentioned earlier, two-phase treatment can sometimes prevent surgical intervention or tooth extractions. We can often avoid these more invasive procedures by guiding jaw growth and creating more space for permanent teeth.

Starting treatment at a younger age can also have psychological benefits. Children can enjoy improved self-esteem and confidence as they see their smiles improve.


At Luv Braces, we want to share the benefits of two-phase treatment and how it can help transform your child's smile.

Be Part Of The Winning Team At Luv Braces

Orthodontic treatment is best undertaken with a clear game plan. Two-phase treatment provides such a plan, motivating the development of your child’s smile from an early age and ensuring the highest possible score.

The benefits of two-phase treatment are numerous, from improved aesthetic results and prevention of future dental issues to the possibility of avoiding surgery or tooth extractions. Moreover, this approach can increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence (Wooooo!), making the orthodontic ballgame a more positive experience.

However, it’s important to remember that every child is unique, and the best treatment approach will depend on their individual needs and circumstances. Dr. Tahbaz and Dr. Rezapoud are committed to providing personalized care, no matter what play our coaches might call!

Ultimately, the goal of Luv Braces is the same: to help your child into the end zone. They deserve an outgoing, show-stopping smile that will last long after the buzzer. If you have questions about two-phase treatment or would like to schedule a consultation, head over here. Our Austin and Bee Cave teams are here to guide you every step of the way on your child’s orthodontic journey.