Luv Braces

Investing in a smile from Luv Braces is more than just getting a beautiful smile. It’s being able to keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime. At Luv Braces, we insure all of our smiles with the Luv Braces Smile Guarantee. With our Smile Guarantee, if you are ever unhappy with your smile after treatment, we will put you back in braces at no charge.

You’ll only pay a month-to-month adjustment fee until you’ve regained the smile you LUV!*

*As a patient of Luv Orthodontics, you may have your braces replaced without incurring the cost of full orthodontic treatment again. You will only be billed a monthly fee for treatment until you are happy with your smile and have the braces removed. At the end of treatment, you will receive new retainers at a reasonable fee. The Luv Smile Guarantee does not guarantee that your teeth will remain straight after your treatment is completed and applies to treatment with traditional braces.

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